Lost and found

Here's a confession: there are just so many things that I love and get obsessed with. My friends would know, cause when we go have a day out, I often make those gasps and point at certain objects on the streets/ in the shops that I find really intriguing and beautiful. Just to name a few examples, colour-wise: turquoise; print-wise: Keep Calm And Carry On, English flag, russian dolls, butterflies; fashion item wise: socks, hats, oxfords, totebags; cartoon-wise: carebears, gachapin, le petit prince (I know they have extremely different styles...); instrument-wise: ukulele and bass guitar; animal-wise: pandas and dogs; icon-wise: Jim, Cheer Chen, Audrey Hepburn, MEG, Zooey Deschanel, JGL and the list goes on. Note that these obsessions aren't exactly my favorites. They are simply things that take my breath away whenever I come across them. Unawarely, I've been building up collections of some of them. So I think it might be a good idea if I can share them here. Let's do that bit by bit.

According to my computer's record, the first ever time that I saved  an Audrey Hepburn picture was in 2006. I can't remember why I did so. Till today I still haven't watched any films starred by her (have scheduled it for this summer!) I'm just so attracted by her smooth bun, her eyes, her smile, her Givenchy little black dress. All these in one word, her elegance. Here are a few pictures from my own Audrey Hepburn photo library.

Clockwise from the pinkish one.
1. nicolasesc 2. missyellow 3. source forgotten 4. by me taken in tokyo

Bought this ring about two years ago from a vintage shop in Hong Kong. I love it oh so much that I've been
 wearing it every day until last Saturday when I've broken and lost the enamelled part of the ring. Even my
friends grieved with me cause they also think that the ring has become part of me.

After a week of misery, I got my Audrey ring back from the same shop. This time in turquoise
blue, a colour that I have never noticed before on their accessory shelf, probably a new one.
And so, another journey begins :-) 

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