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My all-time-favorite brit band Coldplay has just released a new single after almost three years since Viva la Vida was out. I had got really hyped up last week by all those lines, images and short clips posted on their twitter. To tell the truth, though it may sound exaggerated, I've been listening to their previous albums in the past seven or eight days to get myself prepared for receiving this long awaited new material.

The first thing I did when I got home today was to purchase the track on iTunes and looped it over and over. I very much love they feeling of finally knowing how the lyrics are fit to the melody, or maybe the other way around. Turns out that this song isn't really what I've expected it to be. I thought it would be a sadder song. The song title sounds sad, doesn't it? Perhaps it's just me hoping that they can produce some new inspiring and comforting sad songs.. cause i need them now. A lot of them.

Lyrics are again composed of simple words that can make you whisper woah! Love how they mix straightforwardness and subtleness so well together. I don't quite know which is my favorite line, cause there are too many of them.

Now that I've listened to the real thing, I came to realize that the album artwork actually matches perfectly with the song. Equally colourful and give audience the summer/ festival vibe. I would love to see them performing the song live soon. For the meantime, I shall keep myself updated with the buzz of their expected album.

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