Sunday tunes

You see nothing is ever as it seems.
This life is but a dream.

Live high, live mighty, live righteously.
Taking it easy.

The Ripples




每首歌之前簡短的介紹,才讓我知道噢原來/竟然是這樣的意思(特別是Hey Boy背後的故事),這些都令我更喜歡<掀起。>這張專輯。






go get yourself loved.

Summer vacation has begun and what I've been doing these days basically include doing revision, doing homework, and then doing more revision. Well, not exactly. Beside trying to keep up with my study plan, I did amuse myself regularly, with songs and films. I've been watching a number of inspiring films lately which I want so much to share my thoughts about them here. Here's one of them.

Sadness be gone. Let's be people who deserve to be loved, who are worthy. Cause we are worthy.
- Annie from Happythankyoumoreplease
First thing. I love, LOVE this cute poster. It's the kind of poster that would make you smile, just like the film itself. Different story lines blend together so well. They are all very sweet I just cannot pick which one is my favorite. In the one about Mary Catherine and Charlie, there was that line about lovers' eyes coming to focus when they first meet and gradually losing focus which I think is so beautifully written. I was also touched by a line by Mississippi which compares relationships to short stories and novels. That's a witty one. And of course the impressive speech by Sam #2, I would have fainted if a guy that's so wise and loving come up and say something boldly like that to me.

I was surprised when I later found out that the film was actually written and directed by the leading actor Josh Radnor. This is his directorial debut and I look forward to seeing more works by him. Off topic. I really think that Radnor looks so much alike Daniel Wu (see any random picture of him on google). Couldn't get this out of my mind while I was watching the film.


Oh Diary,

I wish life could be a little more like an american soap opera.
A dramatic ending to each episode, but then life just carries on as normal in the next one as if nothing happened.
- Oliver Tate
What a perfect time to watch a film like this. Hilarious of course, and it also gives an in-depth view on first love and divorce, not in a corny manner but through the eyes of the very cute geek Oliver Tate. I guess I think like Oliver for most of the time (minus the part of always using advanced vocab), hoping that things could just stay the way they are forever and end up realising that it is too high a wish. Yes, shit happens. And like Oliver, I've learnt to accept unfairness in life and is searching for ways to cope with every little chaos.

After wathcing Submarine you'll find that its title makes sense. Each of us is like a submarine who is constantly peeping into the lives of people around us in a secret way. True. Hmm, blame it on lies and mistrust.

Everybody should listen to Submarine's soundtrack by Alex Turner. It is BEAUTIFUL.
And this is what I've been listening to day and night these days: