The life I want, there's no shortcut.

Credits must be given to Of Stranger Sensibilities which triggered me to watch An Education. We've got this DVD at home and I've wanted to watch it for a long time but for the silliest yet truest reason, I forgot to do so. Finally, I finished the film last night as I couldn't fall asleep.

Fashion of the film is one big thing which deserves much attention. Jenny (starred by Carey Mulligan) looks exactly like a sweet modern version of Audrey Hepburn in those dressed up scenes. There was also a vintage white blouse that I love a lot but I couldn't find a picture of it anywhere. I also like it when she is in her school uniform. Mulligan really has this elegant disposition which makes you fall in love with her soon after you've watched her. Since Never Let Me Go is on my to-watch list, it means that I'd be wacthing her again. GREAT.


The title of this blog entry is undoubtedly my favorite quote from the movie. There have been a lot of witty conversations throughout the film, like the retorts Jenny makes whenever her father bans her from doing this or that. Must rewatch it later to grasp a better idea of them. Oh by the way, I'm surprised to see Emma Thompson playing the role of the headmistress. Reminds me of Much Ado and my Lit exam on Friday... Hmm, just thinking that certain themes of the film would possibly be useful for my essays.

Before dragging myself back to Shakespeare's world, I'd like to share this song called Write About Love by Belle and Sebastian featuring the adorable Carey Mulligan. Enjoy :-)


  1. Wonderful wonderful musings! I never thought about Shakespeare while I watched it haha. That's great you made the connection and I wish you all the best on your Lit Exam! I'll talk about a new movie soon so check it out then :) I actually lived in Hong Kong too since I moved over there with my parents when I was a toddler, though I have relatives still in Canada who I'm staying with right now :D

  2. Thanks for reading my post Joy! I really did mention this film in my exam today, saying that Jenny is a strong female character :P Looking forward to your new movie post!