Sky watching is my new hobby

The pictures speak for themselves. The sky is just so pretty these days I couldn't help but always look up and appreciate how beautiful it is. I've taken plenty of photos of it using my cell phone and sometimes DSLR at home.  So glad that me and my friends have formed a secret Sky Watching Blub for sharing photos of the skies. (Yes, that's not a misspelt word! :-P) One thing is, the weather would have been so much better if the air wasn't that polluted. Sunny days. That's probably what I love and hate about Hong Kong's summers.

Beside those different shades of blue and white, I was lucky enough to capture this unbelievably breathtaking sunset the other Saturday. With that hot air balloon at the back, it feels like I've gone somewhere travelling. Oh how I wish I really am...

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  1. Cool pictures. The last one is especially beautiful.